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Tilled Consoles 2.0

Partners and Merchants can now access the latest and greatest versions of Tilled’s consoles. 

As Tilled continues to mature as a business, we thought it only fitting to revamp our consoles to match that growth. Say hello to the new and improved Tilled Partner and Merchant consoles. 

From more intuitive search capabilities to refined analytics and reporting, users can enjoy a handful of powerful new features and upgrades within the Tilled platform. Discover what’s new (and totally worth the hype, in our opinion) below:


To deliver users with a more extensive bird’s eye view into their company’s financial health, we made major changes to the information displayed on both Partner and Merchant dashboards. Now, users can track key metrics such as gross vs. net processing volume, transaction success and chargeback rates, average transaction amount, and more.

dashboard screen

To help our Partners effectively monitor merchant performance, we’ve also added a Merchant Applications box that displays merchant applications by status, and expanded our filtering capabilities so that Partners can drill down to individual merchant accounts.


Refined features allow partners to easily search through current and previous payments using tons of different criteria including customer name and last 4 digits of the card. Merchants can collect payments via the new Collect Payment button so partners can start offering merchant processing with or without a direct integration to Tilled’s API.


From this screen, users can now view additional payment information including processing fees and customer details and utilize a Related Activity section to quickly access other records associated with the payment, including Refunds, Payout for Refunds, Payout for Fees and more.


Our enhanced Payouts table now allows users to quickly view the payout date, payout ID, transaction count, and amount all from one screen.


Along with a new Payouts Summary table, this screen now includes a “Fees” tab that displays the total fee amount aggregated by fee type.


A Report Downloads section has been added to consoles and allows users to quickly download the following reports:

    • Payments Report
    • Payouts Report
    • Merchant Fees Report
    • Processing Summary Report


We’re constantly evolving our product, and we’ve got more exciting changes in the works! Soon, Tilled will offer “Disputes” functionality, which will include in-depth reporting around disputes and give users the ability to submit evidence in response to a dispute.  

We are also heads down developing a Hosted Checkout experience. This will enable users to generate a one-time payment link via the console and share it with customers, ultimately allowing partners and merchants to collect payments without having to build a payments page themselves. 

Stay tuned for more information!



To learn more about our PayFac-as-a-Service solution and what a partnership with Tilled looks like, contact our sales team today!

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