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2021: A Year of Growth for Tilled


What a wild ride of a year!

At the end of 2020, I knew it was unusual for me to feel as positive about my new business as I was. Even with so much upheaval and uncertainty in the world, the small team I built at Tilled had accomplished huge milestones. We were looking forward to 2021 and seeing where our efforts would lead.

I don’t think any of us expected this! From the exponential growth of our team to multiple major product launches, and a balance sheet poised to take us to even higher levels, I could not be more excited about the potential of Tilled in 2022. But before we get there, let’s take a few moments to look back…


It’s hard to believe we started this year with just five Tilled employees. Today, our team includes more than 40 of the most talented people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with, and every day we go to work to change the payments landscape for the better.

It’s hard to understate what a feat this has been, especially in one of the hardest years for hiring in decades. Our ability to attract not just talent, but top talent, has been truly amazing.

However, we’re nowhere close to done. Our Careers page continually offers new opportunities, and we’re planning an even bigger hiring spree next year. If Tilled sounds like a place you want to work (and why wouldn’t you) please check it out and keep it bookmarked as we head into 2022.


Technology is at the heart of Tilled, and this year we took our product from a barely launched beta all the way to what it is today — a locked-and-loaded system that offers an exceptional payments experience.

In just the last 12 months, we have added ACH payments, launched Apple Pay and Omnichannel, offered a white label solution, and now offer subscriptions for recurring payments. None of this could have happened without the hard work of our technology team, who have led the way in creating new and exciting opportunities not just for Tilled, but for our ISV partners and their merchants.

There is so much more to come, but I can’t give all the details just yet. You’ll have to stay tuned!


Nothing has been more important, or more impactful, than the trust that has been placed in Tilled this year by our customers and by our investors.

In May, just six months after raising our Seed round, we announced an $11 million Series A led by Canvas Ventures. It was a turning point for Tilled that allowed us to accomplish so many of the things I’ve mentioned already, and we continue to lean on the support of our investors not just for funding, but for customer and talent introductions and business development. We would not be where we are today without them!

We are also excited to make an announcement early next year about even more funding, including new investment partners who will help take our business to even higher levels. Stay tuned for more details on that funding announcement after the holidays!

And of course, we would also not be here today without our customers. With new ISV partners coming on board every day – ranging from startups all the way to enterprise-level companies – I have been blown away by the level of trust our partners have placed in us to help provide an exceptional payments experience for their customers. It is not something I take for granted, and the entire team at Tilled is proud to be the payments partner for these businesses.

I’d be honored to earn your trust in 2022. Is your business looking for a payments partner? Contact our sales team, and they’ll be in touch after the holidays!

Looking back makes me even more excited to look forward, and I know that for all of the success we’ve had in 2021, this next year will be even better. Tilled is taking off in 2022, do you want to come along for the ride?

Happy New Year!

Caleb Avery

CEO & Founder, Tilled

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