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Introduction: How Software Companies Can Monetize Payments and More

The secret’s out – Tilled has teamed up with James Shepherd of CCSalesPro to give the people what they want: more information on payments. 

You heard us! Over a nine-part video series, James will be providing his expertise on a variety of topics and delivering valuable insights into the world of payments and how software companies can monetize the payments that flow through their systems. Be sure to keep up with our blog too, as we’ll be sharing weekly recaps of each episode.

Watch Episode 1 Now

In our first video, we introduce our amazing host: James Shepherd! With over 13 years of experience in payment processing, James is widely recognized as an expert in the field. In addition to working with software companies, like point-of-sale providers and software vendors, he also works with banks, credit card companies, and sales organizations that offer payment processing and has even consulted for some of the world’s largest names within payment processing. But that’s not all – James also has experience with technical integrations and, more impressively, recently developed a property management software company that’s successfully monetizing payments with Tilled. 

When it came to selecting a trusted partner to help spread our message, James was the obvious choice. His remarkable blend of expertise gives him an unparalleled understanding of how to monetize integrated payments, and throughout this series, he’s going to share the inside scoop.

Who can benefit from this series?

  • CEOs of software companies seeking a deeper understanding of the strategic aspects of payment monetization.
  • Developers eager to learn about payment, onboarding, and underwriting APIs
  • Individuals in the software or payment industries who want a better understanding of how these two worlds work together.


We’re thrilled to be joining forces with James to deliver in-depth content on payment monetization. Whenever you’re ready to move forward, our team is here to support you! Click on the appropriate link below based on your specific needs:

  1. If you’re an ISO agent looking to refer an ISV, click here.
  2. If you’re an ISV interested in embedding payments into your platform, click here.

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