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Social Media 101: Tips & Tricks to Grow Your Following

In honor of our founder and CEO Caleb Avery hitting 10,000 followers on LinkedIn, we found it only fitting if we put together a few of the tips and tricks that have worked for us in growing a social media presence. If you’re looking to grow your following, you may find some inspiration below: 

1. Posting and Curating a Variety of Content
From podcasts to blogs to articles to mentions, curating your own unique (and controversial) set of content to share with your followers is a sure-fire way to attract some attention in the social media space.

2. Be Willing To Learn From Mistakes
Whether you’re the first in your industry or the fortieth, posting on social media can be daunting. Tilled is disrupting the payments industry- and we plan to continue. As we create those disruptions, there is also plenty of learning and adjusting to be done. We haven’t let mistakes slow us down and neither should you.

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3. Place an Emphasis on Company Culture
Emphasizing a dynamic and creative company culture is so important in creating a thriving and enviable work environment. Along with culture, employee advocacy is a transparent way to show the public just how much your company cares about its employees and vice versa.Our most liked post on Tilled’s social is actually a culture post! We value our employees and everything that they bring to the table, so why not let our followers get to know how great they are too?

4. Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously
The fintech industry can be a bit unyielding, so we try not to take ourselves too seriously. Especially on social media, we have found that you can make an impact and close business deals all while having fun.

5. Pave Your Own Path
There is no exact template that we are following at Tilled and we think that’s for the best! Caleb Avery has his own thoughts on this (find the post here), and we couldn’t agree more! Although it’s still important to interact with other people in your industry via comments and mentions, putting out your own original ideas is a great way to generate a following. If you think you have new and fresh ideas, chances are other people will think so too!

6. Don’t Post and Ghost
Although you may think the job is over once you hit post, it has only just begun. Staying connected with your social posts or even designating a specific person to monitor and reply to any comments and questions can be huge when it comes to follower engagement. It’s important to make your followers feel like they really are connecting with you, rather than just a computer screen.

7. Post Regularly, But Not Just to Hear Your Voice

Good content doesn’t just come out of thin air. We realize this can be a job in itself, but one that can pay off immensely when the proper time and energy is put into it. Regular posting is super beneficial to growing your platform, as long as it is meaningful and interesting.

8. Share Your Social Posts Internally Too
Sharing your social posts with your internal team can have a ton of benefits. Not only is it a good reminder to your employees to follow the company on social media if they’re not already, but also it helps with visibility and allows your teammates to stay up to date on industry content, podcasts, and other things that you may have going on as a company. Not to mention it allows them a chance to be your biggest fans on social! One great way we found for sharing posts is in a designated slack channel when they’re published to help spread awareness.


We hope that these tips have inspired you to go out and create your own content or keep working at what you’ve started. Social media is not a linear path and there is so much growth available when it comes to curating a following.


Make sure to check out Caleb Avery’s LinkedIn page and maybe even wish him a happy 10k! 


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